Andrew Bosch

University of Cape Town, South Africa


Is Associate Professor in the Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, Department of Human Biology, Faculty of Health Science.  His research is focused on nutrition and exercise performance and metabolism, with emphasis on effects of carbohydrate and protein

Anni Vanhatalo

University of Exeter, United Kingdom

FACSM and serves as Associate Editor for the European Journal of Sports Science, the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Sport and Exercise Sciences Reviews. Anni is professor of Human Physiology on Sport and Health Sciences.

Asker Jeukendrup

Loughborough University, United Kingdom.


Professor in School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences. Recognized as one of the world’s leading sports nutrition experts, Asker Jeukendrup now runs a consulting business mysportscience Ltd that communicates science and translates this into practical guidelines.

Brad Schoenfeld

Lehman College, United States


PhD and Assistant Professor in Department of Health Sciences. His research interest focuses on applied strategies to optimize body composition (muscle hypertrophy and fat loss).

Francis Holway

Club Atlético River Plate, Argentina


Is a Sports Dietitian, MSc in Nutritional Science and is member of Medicine Applied to Sports at Club Atlético River Plate.

Ina Garthe

Norwegian Olympic Sports Centre, Norway


Is PhD in Sport Science and Head of Department of Sports Nutrition at Norwegian Olympic Sports Centre, Oslo Norway.

Iñigo Mujika

University of Basque Country, Basque Country


PhD in Sport Science. Associate professor at the University of Basque Country. Researcher with more than 130 publications in referenced journals. Iñigo is Sport Scince Coordinator of the Spanish Swimming Federation.

Keith Baar

University of California, Davis, United States


Born in Canada, he is currently a Professor of Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior at University of California. The goal of his researches is to understand the molecular determinants of musculoskeletal development and the role of exercise in improving health and performance.

Oliver Witard

Kings College London, United Kingdom


He has a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science, MSc in Exercise Physiology and PhD. He is Senior Lecturer in Exercise Metabolism and Nutrition in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine. He is also also Deputy Programme Director for the undergraduate programme in Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences. 

Louise Burke

Australian Institute of Sport, Australia


PhD and Chief of Nutrition Strategy of Australian Institute of Sport and chair of Sport Nutrition in Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research of Australia Catholic University.

Shona Halson

Australian Catholic University, Australia


Is an Associate Professor in the School of Behavioural and Health Sciences. Was senior physiologist at the Australian Institute of Sport for 15 years. She has a PhD in exercise physiology and has over 100 peer-reviewed publications in the areas of sleep, recovery, fatigue, travel and was selected as the Director of the Australian Olympic Committee Recovery Centre for three Olympic Games.

Trent Stellingwerff

Canadian Sports Institute, Canada


He is Doctor in Sport Science and currently is Director of Innovation and Research of Canadian Sports Institute, Victoria, Canada.

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