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Take your sports nutrition business to the next level.

Starts April 17th

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Learn from the best:

Theory – Practice – Business

Grow your sports nutrition business with confidence!

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Learn from examples in elite sport

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Learn from 30 years of experience in sports nutrition

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Understand the science behind evidence-based sports nutrition


Learn about nutrition strategies that have impact

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Now the Mastermind Sports Nutrition Certification are ACSM Approved

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Our content has been approved by American College of Sports Medicine. You will be able to qualify at 50 CECs - Continuing Education Credits!


If you are fluent in English and are not yet enrolled, register now and get ready to take your sports nutrition knowledge and business to the next level.

Connect with and learn directly from one of the biggest names in sports nutrition.


Asker Jeukendrup will guide you through 7 weeks of this exclusive masterclass program.

30 years of experience in sports nutrition as a researcher, educator, practitioner, consultant, and athlete.

What does the course involve?

  • Learn a new way of thinking! It is all about the approach and teaching your mind to think critically;

  • Evaluate science and turn science into practical solutions;

  • Online classes with Asker to learn about the science and understand the how, the what, and the why;

  • Critical evaluate essential reading materials;

  • Discussions about what it takes to be successful in sports nutrition.

  • Discussions about opportunities for continued self-development.

  • Be part of an exclusive team of like-minded individuals and learn about similarities and differences in approaches in different sports, countries, and cultures.

  • Myth-busting and confidently dispelling myths with your athletes or clients.

Mastermind Asker Jeukendrup 


I really enjoyed the experience. It was amazing and I’m really sad that’s over. The content in general was quite good and specially the way I learned to think critically about science and analyse the papers depper. Special mention to Peter at Journal Club it was very nice. And the incredible Asker’s disposition to be close to us and try to answer all questions.

I really enjoyed all the different aspects and learning tools presented. One of the best online programs I have ever done!


Really enjoyed the lectures. I loved the fact that there was some biochemistry I think is fundamental and super important. And especially in substrate use during exercise and gastric emptying i found the consequential explanation very complete from biology to practice. Like the idea of friday's meeting. I really appreciate the selection of people, lot of diversity but an incredible sinergy and similar points of views which open really the door for future collaborations. I feel lucky to have participated and to have been able to get to know Asker better. Great respect and admiration for a person who represents the reference in sports nutrition of the moment with great sympathy and simplicity.


I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this first ever Mastermind program that you have designed for everyone. It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to meet so many wonderful, kind people which seems to be an attribute akin to the sports world. The course content was stimulating, professional, and fun and for someone like myself, I have learnt so much as most of it is completely new. My spirit was captured last June when I discovered and the WE nutrition courses. I have certainly found a new passion that has really helped me create my vision for my own business, helped me understand previous information I had been told but either not correctly or explained in the depth I needed to understand.

May was a good month for diplomas. Following my graduation from the Masters in Human Movement Science specialising in Sports Nutrition, I also completed (in parallel) this International Certification in Sports Nutrition delivered by Asker Jeukendrup, one of (if not) the world leaders in the area. Asker mentored me and a very limited number of lucky individuals over a 7 week period with high quality, scientific based evidence in the world of sports nutrition. His knowledge and experience as head nutritionist for Team Jumbo-Visma, NOC*NSF, FC Barcelona and many others was shared with us in a very personal way with live online lectures and face-to-face mentoring meetings. This was an incredible experience for me and invaluable as a networking platform. I met such a great group of people. Thanks to Asker, Peter Res and the team at WE Communications for making it possible.


Do you want to have effective strategies in place to help your athletes reach their nutrition and performance goals?

Asker will personally guide you!



There will be 40 days or 7 weeks of mentoring and self-studying.



More than 50h of content (recorded or live webinar).



We will address your practical questions, and adjust the program to your needs.



Select and small groups to share experiences and practices.

This mastermind program will focus on both scientific knowledge and the practical application of helping athletes and making your business successful. There are many great opportunities to debate with other participants, learn through discussion, and build a network.

What is expected of you?


Preparation for each session. Reading scientific papers.


Participating in discussions and exercises. If you just want to sit back and absorb, you may not benefit as much from this course.


Bring your own questions to the table.


Share your own experiences with your fellow mastermind participants

What will you learn about in Mastermind?

  • Substrate use during exercise

  • GI tract, gastric emptying, and absorption

  • Myths in sports nutrition and how to confidently dispel them

  • Pre-exercise carbohydrate feeding

  • Role of glycogen and carb loading

  • Carbohydrate during exercise and performance

  • Fuelthecore (nutrition planning for endurance athletes with 2 months of free access)

  • Speeding up recovery

  • Optimising training adaptations

  • Periodized nutrition

  • Training low and training high

  • Immune function

  • Protein metabolism

  • Supplements

  • And much more




Sports nutritionist


Sports dietitian


Personal trainer


Health professional




3 years of experience working in sports nutrition


Sports nutrition consulting is the main income source


Works with athletes or teams


Scientific mindset


Financially dependent on others


Never worked in sports nutrition


No interest in science


No interest in improving

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USD 1.499,00

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USD 999,00

This mastermind is a small and exclusive group. 

Spaces are extremely limited!

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